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Rush by Eve Silver

Rush by Eve SilverReading Level: Ages 13 and up
Hardcover: 361 Pages
Release Date: June 11, 2013
Publisher: Katherine Tegan Books
Narration: First Person: Miki
Genre: Sci Fi/Dystopian
Challenge: Dystopian/Debut/Paranormal

The Game Series:
Book One: Rush
Book Two: Push (2014)
Book Three: Crash (2015)

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Goodreads Synopsis:

So what’s the game now? This, or the life I used to know?

When Miki Jones is pulled from her life, pulled through time and space into some kind of game—her carefully controlled life spirals into chaos. In the game, she and a team of other teens are sent on missions to eliminate the Drau, terrifying and beautiful alien creatures. There are no practice runs, no training, and no way out. Miki has only the guidance of secretive but maddeningly attractive team leader Jackson Tate, who says the game isn’t really a game, that what Miki and her new teammates do now determines their survival, and the survival of every other person on this planet. She laughs. He doesn’t. And then the game takes a deadly and terrifying turn.

My Review:

Rush was something of an impulse read. I found it while scrolling through recommendations, thought, "Why the hell not," and checked it out of the library the next morning. (That's a bit of an exaggeration considering that I had to wait a whole grueling week on the waiting list, but hey, that's not the point.) I forcibly restrained myself from reading the synopsis or any reviews and decided to jump, head-first, into Rush with absolutely no expectations. Boy, was I happy that I decided to give this a try.

Rush was based on the most brilliant idea that I ever had the pleasure of encountering. After reading book after book of the same thing, recycled in thousands of different ways, over and over again, I've grown sick and tired of you're everyday Twilight/Hunger Games knockoff affair. Rush was a breath of fresh air that I desperately needed to get me excited about reading again. Although it definitely was not without its flaws, the premise and plot were so intriguing and enthralling that I found myself overlooking those pesky details and focusing on the wonderful world Eve created. After reading this, I eagerly logged onto my Goodreads account, and without thought, gave it a five star rating, because this awesome videogamey world made me forget all of the little things that annoyed me. So the premise? I give you a bajillion stars, because I'm 100% sure that Rush had the best theme out of the hundreds and hundreds of books that I've read. Kudos to you, Eve. Kudos to you.

I had no problems with the protagonist for the most part. For the first one or two chapters, I found her a bit slow in the head, but I was wrong and grew to like her fast-thinking and bad-ass Kendo (Sword-Fighting) skills. I literally jumped off of my bed and did a little victory dance when I discovered that Miki did not fall under the category of whimpering damsel in distress, but instead knew how to take care of herself and was a natural born leader, even if she had a hard time believing it herself. 

When she first got pulled into the "game," she was confused, as anyone would be, and asked tons of questions. One of the greatest feelings you get while reading a book is that moment when you ask yourself a question at the same time the protagonist does. It made me feel connected to Miki in a way I rarely connect with others, and it felt great knowing that we were on the same page, quite literally. Even though she was scared out of her wits when she met her first Drau monster, she still fought back with everything she had. Although she did freeze up a little at first, which in turn scared me out of my wits, she conquered her fears and did what was needed to survive.

As much as I hate to say it, there was a bit of an Insta-Connection between Miki and Jackson Tate. It wasn't a full on Insta-Love moment, but it was enough so that the romance progressed a little faster than realistically believable. Oh, and before I forget, there was a slight love triangle. However, it's no doubt who she's going to choose in the end, so I really don't see the point of it at all. But if you're able to overlook that, then I thought that the romance was wonderfully done. I definitely need me my own Jackson Tate in real life! 

Jackson was the leader of their little team and gave off this aura of mysteriousness. He never takes off his sunglasses, blames it on an "eye disease," and doesn't answer questions, except for Miki, and that's only when he's in a good mood. Although I did like the whole sunglasses tidbit, I also found it a bit unbelievable. His team has known him for months and they never question him about it? Miki asked the same questions, so I'm a little placated by that. Anyways, underneath Jackson's assholeyness, he was just a troubled kid with a tortured past. You know, now that I think of it, he kind of reminds me of Daemon from Jennifer Armentrout's Lux Series.

The action was non-stop! After I got through the first chapter, which sadly didn't pull me in at all, the pacing sped up, and sooner rather than later, I was clinging to every word exchanged and flipping pages so fast that I actually ripped one in my haste. The beyond engrossing premise did help, but even without it, I probably would've still been that anxious to finish it. There was never a dull moment, and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of my time with Rush. The only part that nearly made me break out crying, was the ending. That. Cliffhanger. Nearly. Ended. Me. Even though I knew, without a doubt, that what Eve insinuated couldn't possibly be true, my heart still broke alongside with Miki's. I turned into a rambling mess for the better part of the afternoon, walking up and down the stairs, trying to deduce what would happen next.

Overall, I'm so overwhelmingly happy that I decided to grab this one from my recommendation tab on impulse. In fact, I might turn it into a weekly event, called "Impulse Reads" or something. (Not a very creative name, I know) The premise was the best I've ever read and will now have me scouring Goodreads for anything remotely similar to it. If you guys know any, then please do not hesitate to leave a comment or email me the title! I will be eagerly awaiting for the second installment! Meanwhile, I'll be trying to keep myself from going mad, trying to figure out what might happen after that cliffhanger.

Heroine- 4.5/5
Premise- 6/5 AMAZING Premise
Romance- 4/5
Progressed a little too fast.
Action- 6/5 Nonstop Action!
Comedy- 4/5
Trailer- 2.5/5
Didn't really tell me anything.
Overall- 4.5/5


  1. "(That's a bit of an exaggeration considering that I had to wait a whole grueling week on the waiting list, but hey, that's not the point.)" LOL. My library is like that too. I bet you are glad you stuck with it, I usually don't have patience to continue after boring beginnings

    Alise @ Readers In Wonderland

    1. Yeah, I'm like that a lot as well. Slow beginnings aggravate me and usually kill my excitement to keep reading.


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