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Book Blitz + Giveaway: Ondine by Emma Raveling

Ondine by Emma Raveling

About The Book:
Release Date: December 19, 2013
 Add To GoodreadsGenre: Urban Fantasy, Young Adult
Series: Ondine Quartet #0.5

“I shouldn’t get involved.”

Ondine by Emma Raveling
Rebellious and headstrong, sixteen-year-old Kendra Irisavie doesn’t have much respect for authority. An ondine with the powerful gift of Virtue, she uses her tough attitude and Empath magic to navigate through high school and keep others away.

Because being an ondine also means keeping secrets.

Kendra and her mother are Rogue water elementals in the middle of an ancient war. They hide among humans, their survival constantly threatened by monstrous Aquidae demons.

Along with a rigorous training regimen to mold Kendra into a lethal fighter, her mother has instituted four rules to keep her safe.

Trust no one. Relationships are weaknesses. Emotional attachments are dangerous. Be responsible only for yourself.

But when Kendra witnesses a classmate in trouble, she intervenes and her decision to break the rules comes at a price.

Sometimes, humans could be more dangerous than demons.

Ondine is a short prequel novella for the young adult urban / paranormal fantasy series, the Ondine Quartet.
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About The Author:

I’m a fantasy writer who lives a slightly eccentric life with my accommodating husband and our charming, neurotic dog. I'm currently working on the Ondine Quartet, a young adult urban fantasy/paranormal series featuring a kick-ass heroine, powerful magic, and the complex world of water elementals.

I have a weird love of spreadsheets and organizational tools because they give me the illusion that I am somehow in control of the chaos that is my life. I adore beautiful art such as painting and sculpture, classical music, lyrical writing, and great graphic design. My all-time favorite books (as of this writing) are Immortality by Milan Kundera, 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Beloved by Toni Morrison, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka.

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Afternoon sunlight drenched the wood, heat seeping through my jeans and warming the back of my legs. 

Rui’s icy voice sliced through the delicate spring air. “I need you to get the money from him.”

Potheads occupied the narrow recess beside the stairs while the cheerleaders and athletes took the table farthest from the building door.

They weren’t getting involved.
Neither was the Student Council group gathered along the west side. 

I’d managed to follow her rules for the four months we’d been in L.A. The championship tournament was in two hours and she’d be seriously pissed if my performance wasn’t better than the last one.

I needed to concentrate on my own shit, not get involved in anyone else’s.
Troy’s fear ratcheted up another notch and the hot spike of emotion raked against my insides. 

“I—I don’t know him that w-well…”
“That’s a problem.” Rui adopted an expression of mock concern and pulled out a cigarette. “‘Cause your dad owes mine a lot of money.”
Empath magic reached inside him, sensing clumps of frustration and rage, hardened over the years. 
“It’s just me and my mom,” Troy said in a desperate voice. “I don’t see him that often —“
 Mistake one.
“Often?” Rui’s voice rumbled with the dark glee of a predator who’d spotted its prey. “So you do see him.”
“N..no.” Troy’s eyes darted around the courtyard.
Don’t, don’t…
Wide eyes locked on to me. Great. 
“What do you mean, no?”
“I m-m-mean…” He stumbled over the words. “S-sometimes I do, but…”
Mistake two.
“Then you can get the money from him, right?” Rui lit his cigarette. Troy flinched at the click of the lighter. “I don’t think your old man would like it if my father got his hands on you.”
Troy swallowed, his gaze flickering toward me again.
Sasha followed his line of sight. “You thinkin’ a chick’s gonna help you?”
Rui slowly turned. Black hair, dark eyes set against olive skin. Cold, grim awareness etched into his face, creating an impression of severe superiority.
The things he’d seen and experienced exceeded your worst nightmares and he wanted you to know it. 
Rui flicked his cigarette, ash landing a foot away from me. 
“She’s not bad, Troy. Don’t think she’s your type, though.”
I suppressed a sigh and stood. Might as well get this over with.
“You don’t know my type, Vergara.” 
A flicker of surprise in those dead eyes. “You know my name. I’m flattered.”
“Don’t be.” I strode over and leaned against the metal railing of the stairs. “You just have a rep of being an asshole.”
Kane stepped forward, body tense. Rui’s arm shot out and stopped him.
“You’re that junior.” A ring of smoke gently swirled around his face. “Transferred here a few months ago. Kendra, right?”
Empath detected a quick shift. Irritation and anger smoothly transformed to calculating curiosity. The unusual degree of control set off my internal alarms.

I shouldn’t underestimate him.


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The Program by Suzanne Young

The Program by Suzanne YoungReading Level: Ages 13 and up
Hardcover: 405 Pages
Release Date: April 30, 2013
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Narration: First Person: Sloane
Genre: Dystopian
Challenge: Dystopian

The Program Series:
Book One: The Program
Book Two: The Treatment (4/29/14)
Book Three: Unknown

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Goodreads Synopsis:

In Sloane’s world, true feelings are forbidden, 
teen suicide is an epidemic, and the only solution is The Program.

Sloane knows better than to cry in front of anyone. With suicide now an international epidemic, one outburst could land her in The Program, the only proven course of treatment. Sloane’s parents have already lost one child; Sloane knows they’ll do anything to keep her alive. She also knows that everyone who’s been through The Program returns as a blank slate. Because their depression is gone—but so are their memories.

Under constant surveillance at home and at school, Sloane puts on a brave face and keeps her feelings buried as deep as she can. The only person Sloane can be herself with is James. He’s promised to keep them both safe and out of treatment, and Sloane knows their love is strong enough to withstand anything. But despite the promises they made to each other, it’s getting harder to hide the truth. 

They are both growing weaker.
Depression is setting in. 
And The Program is coming for them.

My Review:

In this world, the teenage-suicide rate has skyrocketed. So much so that adults have labeled it as an out-of-control epidemic, a contagious disease that spreads from teenager to teenager. Bringing literal meaning to, "If your friend jumps off a bridge, would you do it too?" In order to control the epidemic, adults have developed and begun utilizing something called "The Program." So far, it's only in its beginning stages, which is why it only takes place in certain school districts. The teenagers who have the misfortune of going to those schools are sent to the Program if they show any signs of suicide, self-harm, or depression. All it takes, is one outbreak, one escaped tear, to get someone flagged and sent in for treatments. 

Since The Program boasts a 100% success rate in turning kids back into "normal, happy" teens who can live "normal, happy" lives, parents have become desperate enough to send their troubled teens in, no questions asked about what The Program really does. Despite the fact that government keeps any information about it under lock and key and that no visitors are permitted in the facilities, parents still ignore their misgivings and believe the best about it. Teens in this society live in constant fear of exposing their emotions. There not allowed to grieve or cry for their many lost loved ones, which makes them all the more suicidal. Many teens who are flagged choose death over the Program anyways, because they see what happens to those who enter it. They're wiped clean of memories of their friends, relationships, and anything else worth remembering. A clean slate.

The characters themselves were strong independently. Sloane and James weren't one of those couples who were nothing without the other. Although Sloane did panic a bit in the beginning from having to make decisions by herself, she got over that initial shock, put on her big girl pants, and did her best to remedy the situation. She was truly a strong heroine. Not in the physical sense, but in the mental sense. You would have to be if you wanted to stay sane in a society like this. Never showing your genuine emotions? Even in front of your parents? That's a complete nightmare. Her strained conversations with her parents tore my heart into pieces. I mean, I understand why they would feel so protective of her after losing their first child, but I was still pleading, begging really, for them to listen to their daughter for a change.

Although I really felt for her, there were still a couple of times when her naivete made me cringe. She trusted too easily at times, and when she did have the sense to be paranoid, she did what she was told anyways. Instead of trying to concoct a plan to get out of what she didn't want to do, she decided to live in the here and now, expressing a tiny act of defiance that would've never gotten her anywhere. James was a refreshing love interest. I really loved his personality and how he always tried his best to look after Sloane. But as all people do in reality, he had his faults and made mistakes along the way. This made him feel tangible, relatable in the everyday sense. Plus, he had a hilarious sense of humor, something that was definitely needed to temper out the dark, haunting setting these characters live in.

The relationship between Sloane and James was a refreshing and unique one! By now, I'm used to reading books where the main character falls in love with a character that she meets later on in the novel or with someone she never knew she had feelings for. In The Program, she was already madly in love. The way they interacted with each other was absolutely adorable.

Overall, I'm super happy for picking this up as an impulse read. Usually, I tend to stay away from books that don't involve a lot of action scenes, but this one, was a definite heart-jerker. The writing style was average. Something that I didn't notice too much, but also something that I didn't get irritated at. The theme was absolutely amazing, and I definitely give Young props for that. In a quickly overpopulating dystopian genre, Young manages to weave a chilling, eerie world that distinctly stands out above the rest. The Program makes you feel like a world as dark as this one can actually happen to us one day. A scary thought. In the next novel, I'm hoping that we'll find out more about the reason for the skyrocket in teenage suicides. There were a couple theories tossed around here and there, but nothing concrete. Can't wait!

Heroine- 4/5
Mentally strong, a bit naive.
Writing- 4/5 Nothing special.
Romance- 5/5
Loved the dialogue between these two!
Action- 4.5/5
Not your typical physical action, but
enough to keep me thoroughly engaged.
Sequel? Yes
Recommend? Definitely, although you probably have to be in a certain mood to read it.
Overall- 4.5/5

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Character Quiz: Spellbound Series by Sherry Soule

 “Which Spellbound Character Would YOU Most Likely Be?”

Today bestselling author, Sherry Soule has some exciting news to share with us! All the previously published books in the Spellbound series have been rewritten and republished with more epic romance and suspenseful thrills. The new versions also include exclusive bonus material and brand new scenes. Even additional scenes from charming, bad-boy, Trent Donovan’s point-of-view! To help promote the new editions, she is doing this awesome book promo to share the update with fellow booklovers. 

The Spellbound series is a great mix of 
Pretty Little Lairs meets Buffy, the Vampire Slayer!

This giveaway is open internationally! So let’s tell the blogging world!
Take this quiz to see which character in the Spellbound universe you’d most likely be similar to, and score an eBook version of the first book in this unforgettable YA series, BEAUTIFULLY BROKEN! 
Answer this quiz, then post your results in the comments. Be sure to check the bottom of the post for the details regarding this random giveaway. 

1. What’s your favorite season?

a) Winter - Cloudy, Chilly, Rainy, Stormy
b) Fall - Windy, Misty, Foggy, Mild
c) Summer - Hot, Dry, No Wind, Sunny
d) Spring – Warm, Breezy, Greenery, Brisk

2. I detest using labels, but what would others call you at school?

a) Normal or Jock/ Cheerleader
b) Preppy/ Student Counsel
c) Amateur Fashionista
d) Girlish tomboy

3. Which of the following best describes your personality?

a) Snobbish, Eccentric, Perky
b) Haughty, Moody, Smart
c) Tough, Snarky, Weird
d) Playful, Vivacious, Straightforward

4. Which genre do you read most often?

a) Urban Fantasy
b) Horror / Dark YA
c) Paranormal Romance
d) Dystopia

5. You are at school and witness a student bullying someone. What do you do?

a) Run in the opposite direction before they pick on you
b) Laugh and join in on the fun
c) Stop and tell the bully to knock it off or else!
d) Go tell a teacher what’s going on

6. What’s your hairstyle?

a) Short and sassy
b) Long and straight
c) Medium with highlights
d) Curly or wavy

7. What’s your typical breakfast?

a) Eggs and bacon
b) Oatmeal and orange juice
c) Coffee and a Pop tart
d) Heaping bowl of my fav cereal

8. What type of pet would you like to have or do you own?

a) Hamster
b) Small Dog
c) Shade
d) Cat

9. How often do you shop or hit the mall?

a) Only on sale days
b) Once or twice a month
c) Every week—duh
d) Hardly ever
If you answered...

Mostly a's: You and Kayla are a lot alike! You both love a good sale on shoes, and you’re energetic and sassy.
Mostly b's: Ashley and you could be sisters. You each enjoy autumn days, hanging at the mall, and you’re more of a leader than a follower.
Mostly c's: Shiloh and you could be besties! You both love to shop for the newest trends, enjoy reading paranormal romance novels, and you even have a snarky-side.
Mostly d's: Sounds like you and Ariana have a lot in common. You each love to read YA books, adore cats, and can often be straightforward and super fun.

Random winner will be picked on December 21st . Please check back on that day to find out if you’re the lucky winner. Your eBook will be delivered via email to download to your e-Reader. (If you're unsure how to, let Sherry know, she'll help you.)

Those who enter must have an eReader to redeem this prize. All prizes will be electronically delivered. Please review all terms & conditions before entering.

Mandatory giveaway details:
1.) You must comment with your quiz results
2.) Be a follower of the Spellbound Series Universe Blog
3.) Be a follower of this blog
4.) Follow us both on Twitter - @WriterSherry & @FearlessMoments
5.) Tweet about this giveaway and include link
That's it! Good luck!

Places you can cyberstalk Sherry Soule:
(Goodreads ! Twitter ! Blog ! Website )

Deadly Witchcraft. Ghostly Threats. Doomed Romance.

They say every town has its secrets, but that doesn’t even begin to describe Fallen Oaks. The townsfolk are a superstitious lot and the mystical disappearance of a local teen has everyone murmuring about a centuries old witch’s curse. 

When sixteen-year-old Shiloh Trudell takes a summer job at Craven Manor, she discovers a ghost with an agenda. That’s where she meets the new town hottie, Trent Donovan, and immediately becomes enchanted by his charms. 

Finally, Shiloh’s met someone who is supercute and totally into her, but Trent is immersed in the cunning deception that surrounds the mysterious Craven Manor. So much so that he may lose sight of what is truly important to him. And she can’t decide whether she wants to shake him or kiss him. Yet neither one of them can deny the immediate, passionate connection growing between them. 

But underlying everything is the fear that Trent may be the next victim on a supernatural hit list, and Shiloh is the only person with the power to save him… 

With cryptic messages from a pesky wraith, Shiloh will finally begin to understand the mysterious significance of the strange mark branded on her wrist and decide how much she’s willing to sacrifice to protect the other teenagers in town.

Unfortunately, for Shiloh, not all ghosts want help crossing over. 
Some want vengeance.

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