Interviews & Guest Posts

Bella Forrest, Author of A Shade Of Vampire
Jennifer L. Armentrout, Author of The Covenant/Lux Series
H. D. Gordon, Author of Alexa Montgomery/Shooting Stars Series
Jessica O' Gorek, Author of Gemini Rising Seres
Summer Stone, Author of Hell's Hollow
Tiffany Daune, Author of Surface
Samantha Durante, Author of The Stitch Trilogy
Jordan Elizabeth, Author of Witchwood Hollow

Guest Posts:
Marc, Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan Guest Review
Liesel K Hill, Author of Persistence of Vision
Michelle Madow, Author of the Transcend Time Saga


  1. Hey, I was wondering how you contact authors for things like Guest Posts and Interviews. Do they contact you?

    1. If you're a well known blogger, I'm guessing they would. However, most bloggers contact the authors directly or do them through blog tours. Authors usually have some email on their website to contact them with. On blog tours, an author interview is usually one of the options.


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