Sunday, July 7, 2013

Author Interview: Samantha Durante

Today, at Reading Until Dawn, we have with us the marvelous and talented, Samantha Durante, author of  the Stitch series!

Author Interview with Samantha Durante

1. Have you always dreamed of becoming an author? 
If not, what inspired you to become one?

I always loved to write, but the thought of penning an entire book was always overwhelming to me.  (I remember I decided to do it once in middle school, and then I sat down to write and 30 pages later my story ended, and I was like, "Hmm, I guess it's a novella?" lol.)  It wasn't until I started freelancing a few years ago and ghost-wrote a non-fiction book for one of my clients that I realized I could use the same process (break it down into manageable pieces with an outline) to write fiction.  That's when I started pursuing my dream with the Stitch Trilogy!  :-)

2. Did you enjoy reading books as a child? 
If so, which ones were your all time favorites?

I read The Secret Garden as a kid more times than I can count - just the thought of discovering a garden like that still gives me butterflies!  I was also a big fan of Dr. Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham (after all, "Sam I am!").

3. Who are your favorite authors, 
and have their works effected your own?

I admire SO many authors - Jane Austen, J.K. Rowling, Stephenie Meyer, Suzanne Collins, George R. R. Martin, Christoper Paolini, to name a few.  I would never have even considered pursuing writing as a career if not for the magic these authors have brought into my own life, so I owe them a great debt for inspiring me to pursue this path.

4. When you're writing a novel, do you ever get distracted by sparkly things on the Internet and end up doing something else?

Haha, actually, I'm a REALLY good non-procrastinator.  I write fiction on the weekends almost exclusively, so I have very limited time to write and I always sit down with a plan and in the mindset to be productive.  If anything distracts on the internet, it would have to be - sometimes I just can't find the right word!

5. Do you ever read reviews for your own novels?

Absolutely - I've read every review I can get my hands on.  How else will I improve?  Sometimes negative reviews hurt, but they're learning experiences, and have been invaluable in strengthening my craft.  And plus, the good ones make up for it.  :-)  There's really nothing like knowing there are fans of your work out there!  You guys are the best!

6. If you could have one superpower for the day, which one would it be?

Time travel, definitely.  There would be so many people I'd want to meet, both in the past and the future (mostly relatives).  Plus, then couldn't I just keep doing the day over so I wouldn't have to give up my superpower?  Loophole!

Speed Round:
Hardcover or Ereader?
Can I go with paperback?  Hardcovers are too heavy, and as much as I appreciate my Kindle, there's nothing like that new book smell!
Cat or Dog?
I love both!  Had a dog growing up and a cat now, and both behave somewhere between a typical dog and cat - like perfect hybrid pets!
Countryside or Citylife?
Okay, this one I can pick: country.  I just moved up to the 'burbs from NYC and it's just so damn pleasant here.
Vanilla or Chocolate? 
Cupcake or Cookie?
Cookie, chocolate chip, every time.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions Samantha! 
Good luck on your novels. :)


  1. :-) loved learning more about my favorite new writer, motivator, and friend!


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